Punched precision
Why “more possibilities in manufacturing” also means “more flexibility”. And why “flexible” ultimately means “cost-efficient”.

Punching Technology

Do you have high requirements on geometry and precision? Do you want to integrate thread form, press fitting or welding operations into the punching process? Are you in a pinch to change your mass produced part better yesterday than today? Whatever your challenge is, we at Fuchs Metalltechnik are the ones to address. We are your one stop shop. We combine development competence and long years of experience in serial production with the power of modern machinery. That increases efficiency.

In addition to design, the selection of adequate materials and surfaces is decisive in determining the value and the function of a punching product. Our experts choose the best solution for your requirements out of a a broad range of possibilities.


A high-performance machine park for metal processing is our high potential. With more than 230 years of experience in metal technology and a team of committed employees, we make what Fuchs stands for: customer-oriented product development, technical precision and flexible manufacturing.

We produce mainly from coil with progressive die or progressive compound tools. Our production is equipped for all requirements: With eccentric presses with a pressing force from 40 to 400 tons and maximally 400 lifts per minute. With band widths of up to 500 millimetres. With band thicknesses starting at 0.15 mm and going right up to 8.0 mm.


KTL / Powder/ Zinc lamella


Galvanising / chromium

Vibratory finishing


Heat treating


You have an idea for a product, and are looking for a powerful production specialist? Well, you are absolutely right here. Our project managers will be pleased to advise you in case of enquiries for a new product: